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Weavers from the Navajo nation have grown to international prominence.  What started as a form of trading and economic sustenance for the Navajo has morphed into an art form that is reflected in the quality of materials and skills. 

The style of a Navajo rug is based upon the area that it was developed.  For instance, a Two Grey Hills style rug is so named because it was in this region of the Navajo nation that the rug was first introduced, usually at the request or guidance of a local trading post.  Here is a list of the different patterns for Navajo rugs:
Burntwater Rugs
Chief Rugs
Chinle Rugs
Crystal Rugs
Eye Dazzler Rugs
Ganado Rugs
Klagetoh Rugs
Two Grey Hills Rugs
Yei Rugs

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There is much lore behind Navajo weaving.